Applied Sound is a Sound, Video and Lighting Design and Contracting Co.

Design:  Sound - Lighting - Video

  • Sound:

  For many years we have traveled around the world helping churches with their sound systems. We have found that many churches have good equipment, yet there sound needs are not being met. The problem is that either the equipment was not installed according to the design, or there was a flaw in the design itself. This would not allow you to use the equipment to it's full potential. We are here to help you from start to finish to assure your total satisfaction with your production equipment.

Listed below are a few items to consider regarding designing and installing a Sound-Lighting-Video System for your facility

  • If it is a new building being constructed we would like to be involved in the design phase to give advice regarding acoustics in the new structure, and advice on items to be considered in construction that would aid the installation and use of sound and lighting systems.
  • We like to meet with all who will be using the sound system to find out what they feel their needs are. This includes everything from the number of audio channels needed, to the type of microphones required to achieve the specific; needs. 
  •   Lighting is much more than setting the lights and turning them on. Your lighting system must be designed for the required need. For example;  the  lighting setup for a drama production is totally different than the lighting needed for video production.
  • Video needs are divided in to two different areas: Video projection and Video recording. Several factors must be considered when designing a projection or recording system.
  • Video Projection-
    • The size of the image to meet the needs of the room,
    • The light requirements to meet the desired brightness of the projected image.
    • The distance of the projector from the screening
  • Video Recording
    • Room lighting
    • Camera lenses
    • Recording format- DVD, VHS, SVHS, HD, Beta, etc. (each format requires a different dollar investment which produces at  a different quality level
    • Audio inputs for recording
    • Recording positions.